One highlight of college for me was all the dance parties. I loved rocking out to pretty much anything, and while I don’t have a lot of time to stop and dance these days, I love a song that gets me moving while I cook dinner, clean the house, or fold laundry. Enter Beckah Shae.

I recently came across her when I was looking for new workout music, but I love that she has lyrics I don’t have to worry about my kids overhearing (which eliminates most of my college dance party songs).

Here’s one that came across my Spotify playlist recently: My All.

Turn up your speakers, rock out, and don’t worry if your kids are nearby!

Beckah Shae’s Lyrics

I’m not going to post all the lyrics, but here are some of the lines that really resonated with me.

Can’t nobody love me like you do
I look in Your eyes and see the truth
And no matter where I go, you’re there
You see me, you know me, and you care

Throw your hands up in the sky, Elohim, Adonai
Dios Eterno, Padre Bueno, Great I Am, El Shaddai
Ain’t nobody with a name that’s higher
Glorificado gotta give Him all the praise
He’s the One who filled my heart’s desires
And ever since I ain’t been the same

Have you grooved out to Beckah Shae? Let me know which lines you like the best, too!

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