This started as some thoughts from Thanksgiving, but as I wrote them down, they kept expanding. I feel so grateful for what God has done in my life; it’s more than I asked for, more than I could have imagined, and more than I deserve.

Thank you . . . 

For my three little blessings, who make me laugh, think, wonder, learn, and cry.

For the man I’ve grown alongside for more than 14 years, who keeps loving, respecting, encouraging, challenging, and teasing me—even when I don’t deserve it.

For our parents, who keep offering us wisdom, insight, and encouragement as they continue to show us how to live as husband and wife, mom and dad, grown ups, and children of God.

For my brother, who continues to be one of my best friends, despite the distance between us, very different daily routines, and the gaps between conversations.

For the big changes this past year, which include new friends, new jobs, new schools, a new community, new daily routines, and new challenges.

For perspective, which allows me to look back and see ways you were moving pieces around our lives’ chess board, preparing us for what was coming.

Most of all, for loving me enough to save me, despite all my mistakes; for giving me hope, joy, peace, purpose, and much, much more than I see, understand, and deserve.

Thank you . . .

For the good times and the hard times. 

For the seasons that come and go.

For the people you bring into our lives.

For the hope we find in you.

For the peace you provide, even in the middle of chaos.

For the joy we find in you, in all circumstances.

For the eternal future you’ve promised, that we can depend on.

Thank you . . . 

Those two little words are just a start to expressing my gratitude.

Please let my life show my thanks, your fingerprints, your light, your glory.

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