I wrote this a few years ago, and I find myself coming back to it every once in a while, when those hard, negative feelings about myself start to surface. I hope it helps encourage you, too.

Truth Over Feelings

I feel like I’m not good enough.

Like a failure,

With no value,

Nothing going for me,

A fraud.


I feel like I can’t do anything right.

Like a screw up,

With no promise,

Can’t handle responsibility,

A joke.


I feel like a terrible friend.

Like a wet blanket,

With no compassion, 

No warmth,

A dud.


I feel.

I feel.

I feel.


But feelings lie.

Emotions distort.

Self-talk misinterprets.


You are the truth.

You are the way.

You are love.


My value comes from you.

My success is because of you.

My family is bound by you.


I’ll never be enough. But you are.


When I feel the lies come in,

You are the truth I can depend on.


When I feel the pressure of life,

You are the support that lifts the burden.


When I feel I’m not doing anything right,

You are my guide that shows me the way.


It’s not about how I feel.


It’s about who you are.


In you there is hope.

In you there is strength.

In you I can do more than I could imagine.


Turn me towards you.

Guide my path.

Help me trust your timing.

Give me your peace.

1 thought on “When Feelings Lie: A Prayer of Hope

  1. Norita Hoegel says:

    Thank you Emily, for this meaningful post. I appreciate your honesty and heartfelt words of encouragement.
    What a gift you are giving to the new young Mom’s (like Katlynn) and the older ones like me. ?

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