Tonight was a good reminder of how much prayer can help. Frustration Built The youngest is officially in a toddler bed now instead of a crib, so you can probably imagine how fun it is for him to get out of bed and attack his siblings instead of going to sleep at bedtime. The last couple of nights have turned into removing him completely from his bedroom and holding him as he falls asleep in either my or my husband’s arms. Tonight when I was holding him, I was feeling frustrated. I have a list of things I need to

I wrote this a few years ago, and I find myself coming back to it every once in a while, when those hard, negative thoughts about myself start to surface. I hope it helps encourage you, too. I Feel I feel like I’m not good enough. Like a failure, With no value, Nothing going for me, A fraud.   I feel like I can’t do anything right. Like a screw up, With no promise, Can’t handle responsibility, A joke.   I feel like a terrible friend. Like a wet blanket, With no compassion,  No warmth, A dud.   I feel.