When you really think about it, what are some of your deepest desires?  Someone asked me this the other day, and I really sat down to think about it. Of course there are material things that would make life easier (like an in-home personal chef and maid combo–ha!), but in all honesty the main thing that came to mind is the desire to have a close mom friend. I want a mom friend who has kids similar ages to mine, where we can just get together without any planning, we’re always over at each other’s houses, we can help each

What do you do when you hit your breaking point? We all do it. Running on less sleep than we should, feeling overwhelmed by everything we need to get done, and then the kids act like, well, kids. They’re incapable of seeing that you’re approaching critical mass and are about to snap. So what do you do? Time to Take a Break I love how Karen O’Connor put it in this downloadable Mother’s Day devotional from Twin Lakes Church . After telling a very relatable story about how challenging parenting is, she wrote: “[Matthew 11:28] reminds us that the Lord

One highlight of college for me was all the dance parties. I loved rocking out to pretty much anything, and while I don’t have a lot of time to stop and dance these days, I love a song that gets me moving while I cook dinner, clean the house, or fold laundry.  Enter Beckah Shae . I recently came across her when I was looking for new workout music, but I love that she has lyrics I don’t have to worry about my kids overhearing (which eliminates most of my college dance party songs). Here’s one that came across my

What comes to mind when you think of David from the Bible?  Last year Rene Schlaepfer shared a series of sermons about David as part of Mount Hermon ’s “Camp in Box” (their way of providing camp during the pandemic). I found it fascinating! Rene did a wonderful job of showing David as a real, historical man rather than the simplified character that graces the pages of so many kids books. Now, a year later, my mom and I decided to read Rene’s book, Chasing David . I thought I’d share the new things I’m learning as we go through

I’m a very trusting (and somewhat gullible) person. If I don’t remember to think carefully, I’ll believe what I’m told without question. Given the amount of conflicting information out there, it’s challenging to know who to trust. Where should I put my confidence? Wisdom, Strength, Accomplishment Earlier this year I started reading Truth For Life’s Daily Devotional New Testament (at my own slower pace). I love the reflection on 1 Corinthians 1:18–31 : The [Corinthian] church is putting its confidence in human wisdom and strength. But the gospel teaches us to put our confidence “in the Lord” (v. 31), and