When I’m afraid, I freeze. This isn’t just fear about my safety, either. When I’m worried I might say or do the wrong thing, or I don’t know what to do next, I just stand still and wait, unsure how to proceed. I think this is a fairly common response, which is reassuring–but not very helpful. In his book Chasing David , I really appreciated how Rene Schlaepfer used David’s response to Goliath as an example for how we should approach fear. As a bonus, it’s a related mnemonic device: FEAR . F: Find out the Facts In 1 Samuel

How often do you feel like you don’t measure up? For me, it happens pretty regularly. I feel like I’m not a great mom when I snap at my kids. Or when my focus shifts from trying to keep up on the housework to something else, and then I look around and feel surrounded by mess and clutter. Or when what I intended to say to my husband came out wrong and ended up leading to miscommunication and division rather than connection. And that doesn’t even get into what the world tells me about what sort of woman I should

As I shared in my previous post about David , my mom and I have been reading Chasing David by Rene Schlaepfer and seeing King David in a whole new light. I definitely recommend you give it a read! Here are a few things that stood out to my mom and me as we continued in Chapter 1. Family Dynamics When Samuel shows up in Bethlehem to anoint David, I always imagined he just went to Jesse’s house and started looking at his sons that happened to be there. But if you actually read 1 Samuel 16:4-13 , the Bible

What comes to mind when you think of David from the Bible?  Last year Rene Schlaepfer shared a series of sermons about David as part of Mount Hermon ’s “Camp in Box” (their way of providing camp during the pandemic). I found it fascinating! Rene did a wonderful job of showing David as a real, historical man rather than the simplified character that graces the pages of so many kids books. Now, a year later, my mom and I decided to read Rene’s book, Chasing David . I thought I’d share the new things I’m learning as we go through