It always amazes and surprises me how God reveals what he wants me to hear through various voices. I shouldn’t be suprised since He’s done it over and over again, but it does.

Insight From Hebrews

My family recently got home from Mount Hermon, a week-long Christian family camp, where I enjoyed hearing Richard Dahlstrom speak about sustainable faith by looking at a few different sections of Hebrews.

The Culture

Richard explained that Hebrews was written to Christians experiencing:

  • Displacement and suffering.
  • Competing religious narratives.
  • The subtle seduction of stagnation.

Not unlike what we’re facing in our culture today.


Richard went on to share that Hebrews shows the importance of placing our faith in Jesus–period. Not Jesus plus a political party, Jesus plus a social cause or moral code, Jesus plus our career, spouse, kids, coffee (or for me, chocolate)…it’s Jesus plus nothing else

As he pointed out, Hebrews 1:1–3 shows us the centrality of Christ as a reference point and Jesus as the final revelation of God. By placing all our trust in Jesus as the reference point, rather than in Jesus plus something else, we can experience true freedom. 

I especially liked Richard’s insight that Jesus alone is a position of wholeness and victory. Rather than a moral code no one can achieve, the Christian life is an indwelling, through which God transforms you. By making the default position of your mind affirmation of who God says you are, He works in your life to help you love more like Him.

Insight From Daniel

Literally the first day back into the routine of life after vacation, and I listened to Alistair Begg speak about the book of Daniel, where these main points stood out to me:

  • God is the hero of the story, not Daniel.
  • Daniel lived in a foreign country for most of his life.
  • Daniel and his friends (Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego) were useful and in positions of influence, but followed God rather than the culture that surrounded them.
  • They focused on God, remained faithful to God, and were fearless in the face of idolatry. Similarly, we need to be focused on the gospel (Christ), faithful to the gospel, and fearless in the face of the gospel.
  • In a world of identity politics, our identity is in Jesus alone.
  • No matter your role in life–as a wife, mother, employee, entrepreneur–root your identity in Christ!

My Takeaways

What are the key things I think God is telling me? I couldn’t help but notice two key themes.

My Identity is in Jesus, and Only Jesus

I may be a wife, mom, employee, friend, sister, and so on, but those roles don’t define me. Rather than trying to balance all the different hats I’m wearing, I need to focus on just one hat. My identity lies in Him.

Be Focused, Faithful, and Fearless

God’s people in Hebrews and Daniel were surrounded by a culture that didn’t know God or follow Him. They experienced displacement and competing religious narratives. But they were charged with remaining faithful. 

I also need to stay focused, faithful, and fearless in Christ, no matter what’s going on around me.

What About You?

Have you noticed any repeating themes popping up in your life lately? What has God been showing you recently?

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